I will post tested idea guides for cities around the world. Sure you have Yelp and Pinterest, but I’ve found Googling “stuff to do in Seville” or “good food in Austin” can be a bit overwhelming. Besides, attractions that pay for online advertising or are widely known tend to pop up first. Yes, well known places are popular for a reason and usually worth seeing, but the most unique and authentic spots almost always come from a personal recommendation.

To me, a good trip consists of eating, drinking and walking my way through a place. I don’t feel the need to go to the top of the Space Needle or the Eiffel Tower for $20 – I’m content to sit on a bench below, just taking it all in while sipping a $1 coffee. I never feel the need to hit all the art galleries or try the nicest restuarants in a city. I just want to get a general feel for the place. I write stuff for a living, so it’s a blessing I seem to have a low-budget hedonic hotspot.

It makes me sad when travel magazines put an “affordable price!” stamp across a hotel recommendation followed by a $150 listing. You will not find that here. I won’t be telling you what spa to go try and what live show to see; that kind of itinerary can’t sustain the average 20-something-year-old traveler budget for long.

I will be telling you what neighborhoods to wander, what local brews you should choose (because, unfortunately, on a budget you do have to choose)  and what museums you can slip into to pee for free. Get excited.

Torture chamber, Prague Castle, The Czech Republic.